Bathroom Collections

A Stream of Bathroom Concepts to Create Your Dream Haven

Heritage Bathrooms

Bygone design eras brought to the forefront whilst reflecting key trends in bathrooms today.
At Leger Interiors, we take a personal approach to creating your perfect bathroom. From the moment we welcome you to our showroom, you’ll find we can inspire you with ideas and at the same time ensure that everything is taken care of, right down to the last detail.

Sophisticated Urban Bathrooms

Design-driven home interiors include the bathroom space for styles reinvented to provide you with everything you need to live comfortably whilst defining your personal style.
We have our own team of planners, installers and specialist tradespeople who will help you achieve the bespoke bathroom you've always dreamed of. We can arrange any building work that's needed, plus flooring and heating as required.

Modern Bathrooms

For a simple minimalist style bespoke bathroom it's important to create a sleek, and uncluttered space with clean lines. Quality materials and superb storage solutions combine completely to optimise your space and needs.
As a family company we take personal responsibility for ensuring everything goes smoothly, and our wide choice of manufacturers means that whether you’re looking for modern or sophisticated; your bathroom/shower room will be just what you wanted!

Shower Room

With many design options available a compact space can be transformed into a sanctuary with thoughtful storage and excellent use of space. A separate showering space within a large room or family bathroom can blend to help make the room feel bigger and more streamlined.
Bosch at Leger Interiors
Silestone at Leger Interiors
1909 Leger Interiors
AEG Leger Interior
NEF at Leger Interiors
Matki at Leger Interior
Ideal Leger Interiors
Burlington at Leger Interiors
By BA Leger Interiors
Frankie at Leger Interiors


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